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Augusta Chamber Of Commerce Website Design & Development

Thomson Printing, through it’s Subsidiary Giant Hat, had the opportunity to develop a new
chamber website for the Augusta Chamber of Commerce that will serve as an information and communications hub for visitors in the  region.

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Choose The Right Paper For Your Print Project – 10/12/17

Selecting the right paper for your print project is an important decision. The type of paper you choose can determine the quality of the finish due to a few factors. Let’s break down a few of the options and what situation they are best used in when printing.

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Cut Through The Clutter With Beautiful Print Promotions – 6/6/2017

Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics & Giant Hat, has been named as one of Small Business Monthly’s “2017 Best Family Owned Businesses!

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Thomson Wins Family Owned Business Award – 7/12/17

Average media consumers are staggering under the weight of spam e-mails and information overload. Think you can’t compete? Think again! While some people may believe print advertising has grown stale, the “digital deluge” means there has never been a better time to highlight beautiful print promotions. Get our top recommendations below, and at the end a discount on your 1st order!

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Track Print Advertising Online with Google Analytics – 5/1/2017

The goal is to measure the visitors that come to your website because of a print ad campaign.

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Spring Is Here! Five Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Website! – 4/10/2017

After this weekends amazing weather I believe Spring is in the air (Finally). At home you may have spent the weekend spring cleaning your home, doing yard work, or cleaning that garage.

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Voted One of St. Louis “2017 Most Reliable Companies”

Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics (TPC&G), a St. Charles, MO-based, fourth-generation family owned business, was voted by the readers of Small Business Monthly as one of the “2017 Most Reliable Companies” in St. Louis.

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Announcing 0-For-60 – 3/1/2017

Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics (TPC&G), a St. Charles, MO-based, fourth-generation family owned business, announced today the launch of a new program, $0 for 60, which provides business owners a free 60-minute consultation with an experienced web developer who will provide a review, diagnosis and offer solutions for a small business’ current web site.

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Introducing Giant Hat – 1/12/2016

Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphic (TPC & G), a St. Charles, MO-based, fourth-generation family owned business, announced today that it acquired Giant Hat, a St. Louis-based digital marketing agency known for its sophisticated app programming and web site development.

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How to Handle a Paternity Leave in a Startup – 11/12/2016

Do you own a startup or small business? Do you have kids or are you preparing to have a baby? As men, it’s tempting to tell ourselves that it’s OK to only take a few days off following the birth of a child. You’re not running a Fortune 500 company with paid paternity leave, and frankly your business IS you. How can you possibly leave it all alone for more than a few days?

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“We can always depend on a quick turnaround time with Thomson-sometimes even the same day, or overnight. John and his crew do their absolute best to accommodate our needs, and the quality of their printing, and obviously their client service, is second to none.”

-Jon Rehg, Director of Marketing, Natoli Engineering

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