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2019 marketing tips

Traditional & Digital Marketing: A Tale of Two Strategies

Gather around children, it’s time for a story – a story about a world without social media.
There once was a time when business solely relied on what is now called “traditional marketing” – which means any type of marketing that isn’t digital.

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digital and offset printing

Digital Printing & Offset Printing

Learn the difference between digital and offset printing, and why we offer both.

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marketing to millennials

Marketing to Millennials? Stir the senses. Create Trust. Engage. Use Print.

The generation consuming and trusting print the most right now – are Millennials! Through most of their young adult lives, Millennials have been inundated with digital noise. For them, grabbing a printed materials – like a catalog – is a relief from screen fatigue and even sparks some childhood nostalgia.

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large format printing st louis mo

How to: Format Your File for Professional Printing

This easy-to-follow guide will help you when it’s time to move your file from the computer to the printing press.

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custom printing st louis

Does My Website Need A Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policies and Data Collection are a hot topic in the news.  You may have already received emails from other businesses or organizations to your personal accounts letting you know that they have updated or posted their privacy policies.  We are sending this communication to let you know of some recent WordPress updates related to this topic, offer some clarity on these laws, and let you know how we can partner with you to make updates to your site with regard to your business’s or organization’s Privacy Policy.

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augusta missouri

Augusta Chamber Of Commerce Website Design & Development

Thomson Printing, through it’s Subsidiary Giant Hat, had the opportunity to develop a new
chamber website for the Augusta Chamber of Commerce that will serve as an information and communications hub for visitors in the  region.

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Choose The Right Paper For Your Print Project – 10/12/17

Selecting the right paper for your print project is an important decision. The type of paper you choose can determine the quality of the finish due to a few factors. Let’s break down a few of the options and what situation they are best used in when printing.

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Cut Through The Clutter With Beautiful Print Promotions – 6/6/2017

Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics & Giant Hat, has been named as one of Small Business Monthly’s “2017 Best Family Owned Businesses!

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Thomson Wins Family Owned Business Award – 7/12/17

Average media consumers are staggering under the weight of spam e-mails and information overload. Think you can’t compete? Think again! While some people may believe print advertising has grown stale, the “digital deluge” means there has never been a better time to highlight beautiful print promotions. Get our top recommendations below, and at the end a discount on your 1st order!

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Track Print Advertising Online with Google Analytics – 5/1/2017

The goal is to measure the visitors that come to your website because of a print ad campaign.

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“By working with Thomson Printing/Giant Hat, we were able to get a thorough, yet friendly introduction into eCommerce. Our website now handles almost half of our annual revenue. They gave us a personal and non-intimidating entry into a world in which we now must be capable and adept. They were that reliable and honest friend that has always had our back when we’ve been unsure and unexperienced in new fields of commerce.”

-Mike Marquard, Owner, Blue Print Coffee

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