Gather around children, it’s time for a story – a story about a world without social media.
There once was a time when business solely relied on what is now called “traditional marketing” – which means any type of marketing that isn’t digital.

Magazines, newspapers, television, radio, mail, telemarketing and in-person networking were a company’s primary means of communication with their target market.

For years, this tried-and-true method brought customers in droves until the millennium crept in and digital marketing took center stage. Many companies traded print ads for banner ads, catalogs for Facebook pages and direct mail for email.

It was incredible, accessible, fast and cost effective. It was the turning point in marketing. This was also the time when “traditional marketers” had to make a pivot. What they had grown so comfortable with was changing quicker than they could say “emoji”.

Fast forward 10 years and the world was growing weary. Too much data, too much instant, too many messages…information overload had hit. Consumers yearned for the marketing of yesteryear and the nostalgia of catalogs, newspaper, and good ol’ snail mail.

Marketers were taking notice and began integrating traditional marketing back into their strategies. After much trial and error or as they like to call it “AB Testing” they’ve found that a combination of digital marketing and traditional marketing is the most effective way to communicate with existing and potential customers.

The tale of two strategies ends not with a superior approach, but a marriage of the new and innovative, and what has been used for centuries.

The most talked about marketing strategy of 2019 is and will continue to be this method of integrated marketing.

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-Dustin Burnett, Founder, That Sound

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