As a web development company we understand that businesses need flexibility to make their companies grow. Therefore, we offer website financing services for our website design and software development projects. Our flexible website financing plans are available to those who need to spread out their expenditures for web development services over a longer period of time with 0% interest. This website financing offers customers the ability to make affordable monthly payments as they pay for a website design project.

With these website financing opportunities, upfront cash allocation requirements are no longer a barrier to having the great website that will give your business the credibility it needs to compete in today’s competitive world.


At Giant Hat, our experience working with clients from many industries has taught us what a well-designed website has for a company. We know that your website can help your new or growing business to expand and attract new customers. Our website financing allows small and growing businesses to take a critical and valuable step towards the future with the benefit of financing. These website financing terms can enable entrepreneurs to grow their business to the next level without breaking the bank.

An effective website is a critical marketing tool for any business. A search engine optimized website can attract new clients and draw new business to your company. While many believe that they need to wait for business to boom before they can afford to begin a website design or website redesign project, with our website financing terms, we believe you cannot afford to wait. Our website financing allows businesses to update their old image and to begin attracting new clients without having to pay a large sum of money all at once. Therefore, a new website from Giant Hat is an investment that can help bring your business to the next level.

Financing your website with Giant Hat will enable you to have the new, updated website that your company or small business needs at an affordable price.

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“The Thomson (Giant Hat) team have been a vital web development partner with Kolcraft for many years. They also support us with on-going maintenance and server hosting across all of our brand sites. They offer a wide range of specialties and work incredibly well with all of our internal Marketing and IT teams. John and his team are highly responsive and work quickly to resolve any issues that occur, always with full transparency and a positive attitude. They are incredibly flexible allowing the client to communicate and work with them in a variety of ways to fit individual and organizational needs.”

– Karen Kouf, Senior Digital & Media Marketing Manager at Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc.

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