Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics Acquires Giant Hat, a St. Louis Digital Marketing Firm

January 12, 2016 (St. Charles, MO) â€“ Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphic (TPC & G), a St. Charles, MO-based, fourth-generation family owned business, announced today that it acquired Giant Hat, a St. Louis-based digital marketing agency known for its sophisticated app programming and web site development.
Bredon Jones, Giant Hat CEO and Founder, will join TPC&G as a Senior Developer, and Reid Burnett, Giant Hat COO and Co-Founder, will join the company as a Senior Programmer. Giant Hat is now an affiliate of TPC & G.

“We are excited to have Bredon and Reid join our team.  They are incredibly talented professionals and have extensive experience with digital software, app and web site development. Our company is now able to offer an expanded menu of services that gives us the opportunity to create a more robust experience for current and prospective clients,”
said John Meilink.

TPC & G recently opened a second office at Cortex Innovation Community (CIC) located at 20 S. Sarah Street, St. Louis, MO, 63108, which is in the downtown St. Louis bioscience and tech start-up district.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics (TPC & G), a St. Charles, Mo.-based, fourth-generation family owned business, is one of the leading Midwestern printing, web design and digital marketing development firms serving clients nationwide. To learn more, visit

About Giant Hat

We build the software you wish you had.

Our Promise:
We will take the time to truly understand your ideas, your problems, and your market.

What differentiates the best?
There are two baseline reasons to build software: to make money and/or save time. But these just get you in the door. They don’t fundamentally change the way you do business, or bring your industry into the future. There’s a third reason that’s often glossed over that can make the difference between a product that people will like, and what catapults you to the top: delight.

This means building software your users are excited to have in their life. They’re not just willing to pay for your product, but happy to do it, because they couldn’t imagine their life without it. Producing this kind of joy doesn’t happen by mistake.

We can give you access to this future:

Clarifying and prioritizing what truly differentiates you and your idea.
Being equipped with technological clarity so you always know what the right next step is.
Turning user feedback into features and services they truly need, not merely what they say they want.
Experimenting with ideas and finding the right answers.
Providing you with a development team you can trust to do the right thing for you and your users without even having to ask.

Learn More About Giant Hat at

“I can’t say enough about working with Thomson Printing, Creative & Graphics ! The Thomson team has always impressed me with their passion, creativity, and focused drive to create and expand both our website development and marketing needs.”

-Natalie Mackay, Executive Director, Unlimited Play

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